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Elk Reel elk call – Hardwood


Hardwood Elk Reel – A Quantum leap in call technology sound and performance!

-unbelievably easy to use playability and functionality

-makes amazingly accurate cow calf and bull sounds

-Functional consistency that resets the bar for elk calls a mile higher

-That means no unpredictabilty no matter your adrenaline level

-works so well and sounds so good we can guarantee your satisfaction

-replaceable reeds and o-rings mean no more buying throw away calls

-high quality materials – CNC precision -Hand assembled and tuned


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Elk Reel revolutionizes an industry!

Our original Elk Reel, made of hardwood. It is a everything we think an Elk call should be. We spent years solving the shortcomings of all other Cow and Bull Elk Call designs. The end result is game call unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard. They are easy to use. An Elk Reel sounds perfect. They never ever stick. No matter the volume you want or the pitch it stays easy to play. Elk Reel’s reeds can last for multiple seasons. Our customers routinely report back the elk reel is “the best elk call on the market”

Most companies claim revolutionary products and sell the same old tweaked junk. What we invented in our Elk Reel Elk Call is the former. Find out for yourself what everyone from the top elk guides in the world to new to elk callers is saying is the “best elk call out”

The Hardwood Elk Reel Elk call is durable. The hinging action and simple physics of the design make it easy to use. The lid pulling away from the reed as the pitch drops means itnever sticks. The simple mechanical action gives easy playability with finite volume and pitch control. No other call can make some of accurate sounds of the Reel design. That is fact. The wide acoustical range is insane, the high end and accuracy is matched for cow sounds. The ultimate in playability, dependability and realism.

Elk Reel is a huge leap in call design

Using our patented revolutionary design we take 11 separate parts and transform them into a moving symphony of elk calling power. We were sick of calls that stuck, fell apart and just basically fell short of our expectations. So we set out to solve the issues of the cheap junky elk calls we had spent years using. The Hardwood Elk reel Elk call solves all the issues you’ve ever had with traditional call designs.

Our Elk Reel has a track record of success that is unrivaled

It is a proven ultra effective Elk killing tool. If you are at all serious about Elk hunting you can’t afford to set foot in the Elk woods without a Elk Reel Elk call!

Our Elk Reel calls use our unique hinging action to trigger a size transforming reed. They play high notes and low notes and everything inbetween. The angle of closure of the top changes the pitch. Closed and the reed is very small. Open and it’s a full maximum raspy size. The unique replaceable (this is semi redundant the reeds last several seasons at least and counting…)  3D reeds catch the slightest amount of air. They function from a whisper to a scream with no change in reliability or ease of use. From calf sounds to cow talk. Locator bugles, low volume sneaking in to steal a cow bugles and full volume challenge bugles. The Hardwood Elk Reel Elk call does it all. Buy one and try it and see if your eyes don’t light up!

Use Cow Elk Calls

Here is an example of how sounding 100% accurate can mesmerize a mature Bull Elk


  • Can be operated with your hands or used hands free to stop an animal in a shooting lane.
  • All wood construction for optimal acoustical performance. Wood offers exceptional tone producing qualities. Sounds incredibly life like. Design was optimized for durability.
  • durable patented hinging action with a high strength steel spring gives a predictable playability
  • They are waterproof. Moisture does not affect the performance. They have killed late season elk down to -22 F they will not freeze!  We have played our calls after soaking them in highly corrosive saltwater. Then tested them for months. Those calls still play today! You can leave them on the dash in the sun. The reeds can withstand 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Uses ultra long lasting nitrile reeds. Gives the ultimate in saliva corrosion resistance. The reed never sticks to the top. The action is never unpredictable. Unaffected by adrenaline
  • CNC machining insures precise internal geometry. We use advanced modern tools to design our calls. 3D modeling and CNC means our design is on the cutting edge. The geometry is a result of years of trial and error. The result is perfection
  • Plastic reed retention pins make replacing a reed a snap. Our original calls used wooden pins. These upgrade the consistency of the sound as well as allow almost unlimited reed replacements. You will probably never need that feature!
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