Ultimate Elk Combo Elk Reel and ATM Elk Bugle

$112.99 $99.99

We’ve paired up the perfect combo for the elk woods. Our world renowned Cow Elk Call the Elk Reel. Plus our Innovation packed Elk Bugle call the Extrendabull Anti Tank Missile. This bugle extends from 20″ to over 31″ to further amplify its already variable pitch. The extension adds extra volume to reach distant ears and instigate fights with the baddest bulls on the mountain. Use the Elk Reel in conjunction to simulate the most realistic herd scenarios.


  • The Elk Reel hardwood elk call (Sold Separately for $39.99)
  • The Extendabull bugle tube (Sold Separately for $72.99)

Buy both together for only $99.99 


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