Deer Calls

Turning the best elk call into a deer magnet

We had used our elk reel design to call in numerous mule deer before the idea to widen it and deepen the tone hit us. It took only a few variations to get working prototypes together. We took a dozen to Wisconsin and spent 23 consecutive days in a tree on two farms. What happened was pure non stop calling action. I called in dozens of bucks and doe some multiple times.

Works like a magic charm

I almost took a monster at 17 steps only to have him skirt in the brush. He was shot by my friend pat 10 days later from the base of his tree. Reeled in by the buck reel and arrowed from the ground. out of 12 calls 7 whitetail bucks fell to the 11 hunters that received them .

All came in to check out that ultra realistic doe sound. We have spent several years refining our deer grunt sounds to the current double reed version.

The buck Reel is the first of our deer calls. Look for something else groundbreaking with our deer and buck calls to be released by fall 2019.

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